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little Red Riding Hood Party - Part 4/ Activities

I had planned several activities to keep the little ones busy.  Especially since we didn't know how the weather would be.  A week before the forecast was calling for thunderstorms...  Thankfully we had a beautiful sunny day!  The kids were able to play outside on the swings, trampoline, zip-line and sand box :)

We still had a "pin the nose on the wolf" game, they made little baskets made of paper which they colored and cut with the help of a grown up and  had plenty of LRRH coloring pages to keep them busy.  

We had several prizes.  We had felt doughnuts and cupcakes made by me, some sets purchased at IKEA, a LRRH puppet made by me and some other small things.

 The kids were entertained with a LRRH puppet show.

 And they had to find and kill the wolf pinata :)

 Isn't this little guy cute?  I sent an email with the wolf graphic to this pinata shop at etsy and they did a great job.  You can find the link here: etsy 

 Even the grown-ups had fun :)
Pinatas bring me great childhood memories...