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little Red Riding Hood Party - Part 4/ Activities

I had planned several activities to keep the little ones busy.  Especially since we didn't know how the weather would be.  A week before the forecast was calling for thunderstorms...  Thankfully we had a beautiful sunny day!  The kids were able to play outside on the swings, trampoline, zip-line and sand box :)

We still had a "pin the nose on the wolf" game, they made little baskets made of paper which they colored and cut with the help of a grown up and  had plenty of LRRH coloring pages to keep them busy.  

We had several prizes.  We had felt doughnuts and cupcakes made by me, some sets purchased at IKEA, a LRRH puppet made by me and some other small things.

 The kids were entertained with a LRRH puppet show.

 And they had to find and kill the wolf pinata :)

 Isn't this little guy cute?  I sent an email with the wolf graphic to this pinata shop at etsy and they did a great job.  You can find the link here: etsy 

 Even the grown-ups had fun :)
Pinatas bring me great childhood memories...

Little Red Riding Hood Party - Part 3 / Dessert Table

This always ends up being my favorite part... I guess it's due to my natural sweet tooth!

Oreo Truffles are so simple to make and always a big hit.

 Perhaps not as pretty as "Allyson Jane's", but not too bad for me :)  They were a little time consuming but worth the extra work.  I used a citrus sugar cookie recipe. 

I made similar flower pots for the spring garden party I styled last month.

A close-up...

 I love these... they were a box of the caramel delight girl scout cookies I was saving for this party.

 Another view of the dessert display and birthday banner.

 She waited so patiently for her "grandma's flower pot"!!

 Now wearing her cloak. 

 Now the birthday hat while we sang "happy birthday"!

 Make a wish my beautiful girl!!


Little Red Riding Hood Party - Part 2 / Food

Little Ones:

I wanted to keep the kids food simple as I usually end up with too much left-overs after the parties.

The little ones had:
Forrest Berry Juice (Fruit Punch)
Woodman's logs (Pretzel Rods)
Wolf-wiches (ham and cheese sandwich)
"Granny" Apples
Little Reds (red m&m's)

 I decided to change the kids menu last minute because I had planned on making little red cookies, but with all the desserts that we had, I decided to do the "little reds" instead, which were only 4 red m&m's packed for each kid.


My husband usually requests middle eastern food, so I made baked stuffed kibbe loaf, chicken kafta, tahini, tabbouleh and a lebanese rice with pine nuts.

For drinks we had hibiscus tea and "tinto de verano" which is a southern spain drink with wine, sangria and mint leaves... yum!  Gotta say I love my drink dispensers I got with 20%off at BB&B.  They are acrylic so I don't have to worry about them breaking and worked awesome!

Little Red Riding Hood Party - Part 1 / Decor

Grandma was so nice to send us all the capes from South America for the little girls coming to the party.  They were on a clothes hanger with name tags waiting for each girl.

The nice LRRD graphics were purchased on Etsy and I designed all the paper goods and tags.

Each little boy got an adorable mask made by Mahalo (etsy)
I made a quick wreath with things I had on hand...

The little baskets were a hit.  They not only served to put the kids' food in, but also to put all the goodies they took home.  Mom and I made felt doughnuts and cupcakes for the kids to fill their little baskets.

I can't remember where I found the bamboo plates and utensils... my guess is Amazon.  Everyone asked about these.  So esthetically pleasing and most importantly biodegradable.  The little blocks were a nice touch. 

My kids love this pop-up book.  It is so well made.  The graphics are adorable!  It was an Amazon find.

There was one basket on each place setting.  Inside was a menu card and the items listed in it.  (See below)

This table had pics of memorable pics of Dani since she was born, her birthday hat, and the little brown bags for kids to collect their loot from the pinata.  

Here's a complete view of the party room.

This sign was located at the entrance of the party room.

Close up of the brown bags.  I liked the detail of the little decoupage clothespin.  

My LRRH peg doll, which decorated the top of the cake.

Felt food from IKEA was given out as prizes for the smaller kids.

Balloons decorated the entrance.

pool sign.

Stay tuned for more on the party on a later post :)

LRRH GRaphics (Vink Design - Etsy)
Wolf Pinata : Etsy (Birchangel)
Wolf Masks: (Mahalo - Etsy)
Fabric (Joann's)