Isa's Pool Party

For the past 9 years I have always celebrated my Isa's birthday before the end of school year since her birthday falls in the beginning of the summer and I had always feared for low rsvp's.  This year I decided to celebrate it the weekend right after her actual birthday, and to my surprise, most of the girls who were invited were able to make it, so I ended up with more girls than initially planned.

Isa has always loved water since she was a baby and is fascinated with all aquatic sports, and her favorite color is pool blue so it was natural to do a blue pool party to celebrate her 9th birthday. 

This year I did not have the time to make nice invites, so I just sent out an email (I'm a bit embarrassed to admit ;))

All the decorations were made by me.  I printed out a birthday banner to hang up on the fence:
Some nice balloons were hung from the fence to direct the guests straight to the backyard.  BTW, It is my first time setting up a party outside and I loved it that my house stayed organized and clean and the party really looked amazing outdoors.

Here's some nice fabric bunting that I was able to secure to nearby trees:

I found the plates at Walmart and the cups were a steal at Wegman's at 50%off.  I liked not using disposables.  The party looks much nicer and I helped a bit with nature :)

I was lucky to have my garden full with flowers which I used throughout the decor.

Everyone loved the "goody bags".  I found these cute purses at Target for $2.50, and blue striped towels at Walmart for like $5.00 and I whipped out my baby-lock machine and went crazy monogramming everything.  It's amazing how the little purses were transformed and they really looked like a million bucks! ;)

 My beautiful Birthday girl with her cover-up we both made out of a white T-Shirt her dad had in his closet.

 My two girls were anxiously awaiting for the guests to arrive:

I tried keeping the menu simple:

 We decorated plain white flip-flops with strips of fabric as an activity with some leftover fabric I had from the party:

A lot of fun was had by all!!  Thanks for stopping by :)

Dani's 3rd Bday

Pink Dolly Adoption Party

Part 3:  Party Time

My Birthday girl posing with the dessert table


Adoption Ceremony:  Each kid got to name their own doll.

 Glam-Up time!:

 Proudly showing their work:

 Family Pic:

Pink Vanilla Creme cake with strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting... YUM!

 Pinata Time:

Dani's 3rd Bday

Pink Dolly Adoption Party

Part 2: The Decor

Dessert Table and Seating Area:

Initially, I wanted to set up outside but due to threat of rain I was forced to set up inside.

Home made Pinata using an old cardboard box:

Each girl got to glam up too for the party:


The Fruity sangria for the adults was to die for:

Dani's 3rd Birthday

Pink Dolly Adoption Party

Part 1: The theme

A few months ago I decided to make my 2 yo girl a stuffed dolly which she really liked and tugged along everywhere so I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate homemade dollies to her upcoming 3rd Birthday.  She said she wanted a pink party and went shopping with me for the fabric and got to choose them.

Here's the invite I came up with:

The main activity was having the girls decorate and personalize their own doll.  We had a little adoption ceremony where they got to name their doll.

They got to pick items from the dolly shop to use as earrings, scarves and buttons for their dolls.

I tried matching hair colors with those of the girls' attending the party.