Spooky - Chic Halloween Party

Last weekend we had a small Halloween party for the girls.  We had very few friends over but had a great time.  The kids worked on some crafts, played, ate yummy treats and then we all went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.  It was the baby's first time and she really had a great time.  

While browsing the web for ideas, I fell in love with the non traditional color scheme that Kim from tomkatstudio used on her Halloween glam collection.  I went ahead and purchased it 50% off, ad started the planning and execution.  So much fun!

Here's the goody table:

Another view...

some spooky treats...  I found these at Walmart at $1 ea.  They were really creepy.  The picture is not that great, but the green lollipops had a very realistic spider inside.  I also got some lab specimen candy with lizzards, frogs and snakes inside... the kids loved them!

 I kept the treats super simple... they were all store bought and I just added a little pizzaz!!  Simple, yummy (kid approved) and cute.

More TomKat designs hanging from the table centerpiece.   I also hung hershey kisses in the party colors from the branches.

 The kiddie table:

 I think these were from Target... perfect for the party and what I like most is that I can use them for years to come... go green!!

Isabella decided since last year she wanted to be Hermoine...  It was quite a long wait...

 Here she is casting a spell...

 A little wizzard love...

We all followed of course, so Daniella was Hedwig:

And here's the rest of the family:  Harry Potter, Hermoine, Hedwig and a plain ol' witch!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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