Daniella's "Sweet One" Birthday party

Here's a more recent party...
I created this party for Daniella's 1st Birthday.

I pretty much had this theme in mind since she was about 6 months old! 
My sweet thing!!

Handmade invitations

Party Decor:

Giant tissue paper lollipops

goodie bags from 5 below and adorned with a personalized button with the name of each party guest.

yard sign

Here's the smash cake and the cake.

I thought I was being "clever" by using a plastic fishbowl upside down.... well, later on I happened to do a search on the web and saw a whole bunch of people, as clever as I am... oh well!

This is my first attempt at a sweets table a la Amy Atlas... one of my heros!!

Seating area:

This is how it was supposed to look... but the sun popped them all before the guests arrived... bummer!!

My two cutie pies!!
A view of my little one on the "gumball pit".  Isn't this dress super cute?
When I saw it on the internet... I had to have it!!! 

Check it out... I was featured here in Not just a Mommy. 
She is so full of great ideas.  Check it out!

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  1. What an AMAZING party! I am just crazy in love with those tissue paper lollipops. So creative. Great job!