Slumber Party - Isabella's 7th Birthday

When I asked Isabella what she wanted for her birthday she said a chihuahua and a sleepover party... there's no way I am adding a four legged friend to our family (at least not for now...) so I decided to let her have the sleepover with just a few friends and got them little chihuahuas to stuff.

Fill a friend has the most adorable plush chihuahuas and their customer service is amazing!!  I ordered little pj's for the doggies as well.

These were the invites. 

Here are the goody bags.  These were plain canvas totes which I embelished with fabric and buttons.
The table

These are the goodies!!  My first attempt at decorated sugar cookies.  I must say I'm proud of myself!!

The birthday girl wanted lemon cake.  It looked a bit weird because it was a very small cake but I was determined to make it a 2 tier cake!

The Birthday Banner

More goodies!!  Chocolate and strawberry swirl cake balls.

My birthday girl with her chihuahua

A lot of fun was had by all....!!

Thanks to Dawn from Not Just a Mommy for the inspiration.  Check out her silly sock PJ Party here: silly-socks

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