Little Red Riding Hood Party - Part 3 / Dessert Table

This always ends up being my favorite part... I guess it's due to my natural sweet tooth!

Oreo Truffles are so simple to make and always a big hit.

 Perhaps not as pretty as "Allyson Jane's", but not too bad for me :)  They were a little time consuming but worth the extra work.  I used a citrus sugar cookie recipe. 

I made similar flower pots for the spring garden party I styled last month.

A close-up...

 I love these... they were a box of the caramel delight girl scout cookies I was saving for this party.

 Another view of the dessert display and birthday banner.

 She waited so patiently for her "grandma's flower pot"!!

 Now wearing her cloak. 

 Now the birthday hat while we sang "happy birthday"!

 Make a wish my beautiful girl!!


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  1. Really cute! Love that printed floral fabric! And those flower pots are adorable! Great details!