Little Red Riding Hood Party - Part 2 / Food

Little Ones:

I wanted to keep the kids food simple as I usually end up with too much left-overs after the parties.

The little ones had:
Forrest Berry Juice (Fruit Punch)
Woodman's logs (Pretzel Rods)
Wolf-wiches (ham and cheese sandwich)
"Granny" Apples
Little Reds (red m&m's)

 I decided to change the kids menu last minute because I had planned on making little red cookies, but with all the desserts that we had, I decided to do the "little reds" instead, which were only 4 red m&m's packed for each kid.


My husband usually requests middle eastern food, so I made baked stuffed kibbe loaf, chicken kafta, tahini, tabbouleh and a lebanese rice with pine nuts.

For drinks we had hibiscus tea and "tinto de verano" which is a southern spain drink with wine, sangria and mint leaves... yum!  Gotta say I love my drink dispensers I got with 20%off at BB&B.  They are acrylic so I don't have to worry about them breaking and worked awesome!

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