Spring Garden 1st Birthday Party

Last weekend I had the pleasure to collaborate with the styling of my little niece's first birthday!  It was such a happy day!    I was in charge of the centerpieces and decor, as well as all the party printables, cake and cupcakes.

I  was a bit concerned in the beginning because even though the venue was a lovely backyard with beautiful big trees, it was way too big and I didn't want the decor to get lost, so we went with bold colors and centerpieces.

Here's the banner that greeted the guests as they showed up..

We set up an area with oversized butterflies, flowers and paper lanterns to serve as focal point and backdrop for pictures of the guests.

The wheelbarrow was used to exhibit the goody bags for the kids and the presents.

I like how the leaves of the centerpieces turned out...

                                                       These decorated the buffet table:

The pinata!!


                                      The table cloth could have used some ironing ;)

                          I like the bold flowers on the cake...  Similar to the design on the banner.  
The taste was better than the look though.. triple chocolate deliciousness!!!

For the kids.. flowerpot cupcakes!  These were a hit!

everyone having fun!!

Next week I will be posting the pics of my daughter's baking party! 


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  1. Wow! This party is so cool and very fun to celebrate. I hope to have this idea but maybe I'll have to make sure the weather is fine so the day will not be ruined. :) THanks for this idea!