Isa's Baking Party!!

I need to put my feet up!! he-heee  Finally Isa's birthday party is over.  

I am so glad I had it at the Wayne Art Center and not my house!!  I did not have to deal with all the clean-up!! ;)  And by the way, they are absolutely fabulous!  So accommodating.. 

Hope you enjoy the pics...

A sign greeted the guests

 Each girl was given a chef hat and an apron made by me.

 These were the handmade invitations
I loved the cake topper... my first peg doll and I'm hooked now!
 The goody bag had  a recipe card with one of the birthday girl's favorite recipe, measuring spoons, a rolling pin and an oven mitten.
The birthday banner designed and printed at home.
Pin the cherry on the cupcake game..
The table set-up-

 My cupcake cookies for each girl:

A wooden spoon garland with pics of the birthday girl since she was a baby.

Now the goodie table!!

Citrus creme cake made by me... yummy!

Now, the "real thing"!!!  Little chefs in action!

 Like a pro pizza maker!!

 The more, the better!

 All sugared up!

 It was dad's idea to have her cut the cake with that scary butcher knife!

Their beautiful creations:

 the birthday girl proudly showing off her cookie bouquet.

Thanks for stopping by.  Remember your comments make my day :)


  1. Adriana, you did a fabulous job! I would love to share with everyone!

  2. :) Loved it. I especially liked the cookie pops and terra cotta pots!!